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Bamboo rubber board is a building material with high-pressure blanks made of bamboo material as the main structure and filling material. Due to the high hardness, flexural resistance and compression resistance of bamboo rubber sheets, steel templates have been replaced in many areas of use. Because bamboo is easy to cultivate, forests with fast forests can be cut down in three to five years and can replace wood. Therefore, the policy of the Ministry of Forestry supports the development of wood-based panels with bamboo as the main processing material, which has been replaced in many places. Use of wood-based panels. Bamboo glue board is widely used in horizontal formwork, shear wall, vertical wall board, bridge, viaduct, dam, tunnel subway and beam pile formwork in building construction, and is also widely used in various containers, boxes, cars and Train floor, household floor, indoor ceiling, door panel, furniture, etc.


Size of wholesale bus accessories products supplier bamboo plywood plank board: 1220*2440 or be shaped according

to customer's requirements

Thickness: 8-33mm or to be customized

Material: Curtain bamboo, Bamboo mat

Film: Smooth bamboo mat or high quality film

Features of bamboo plywood plank board

High strength, rigidity, flexibility, Its static bendin

Strength is more than that of plywoods

Good stability, Could bear all loads during the usage

No tilt, no bending, no local bulge and crack leakage

Can practical reduce the plywood's use times of hardness

And ensure construction safety.

Good bonding performance, aging resistance and anti acid


Low dry shrinkage, Small discrepancy between the vertical

And horizonal strength, High friction coefficient

Smooth surface, No warping, And no obvious scar repair

Uniform thickness, Have characteristic of resistance to

Deformed and anti breaking



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