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High density pvc foam board for cars


Specification of this Hot selling High density pvc foam board car pvc flooring price
The high density pvc foam board developed by our factory has smooth surface and can be nailed, drilled, chiseled, glued and so on. Complete color, available in stock, pvc foam board thickness: 1mm-30mm conventional specifications: 1220x2440mm (special specifications can be customized). The company's comprehensive scale and strength, with years of integrity management, active development, continuous improvement, committed to one and open, transparent, fast, convenient and large professional platform, become the same industry production brand company. Our company takes honesty as the foundation, customer service is supreme, product quality is high, and the aim of excellence is our company. We have strong technical force, complete equipment, can be processed according to user requirements, and we warmly welcome users with good product quality and excellent after-sales service. Friends and our company to discuss business, we will serve you with first-class quality and reasonable price.
There are many materials in the market, such as the PVC material in the market.Hot selling car pvc flooring is not only very environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective and easy to maintain. At present, the glue-free PVC floor can be divided into three categories: lock, magnetic and glue-free. This floor reduces the cost of installation and allows users to enjoy the fun of their own. In addition, the two types of PVC flooring, self-sinking and non-adhesive, are a kind of ground material that can be “moved”. It can be moved with the owner because it is glue-free and easy to remove, carry, and then re-lay. . The effect of PVC floor covering is also popular among the public and has been widely used in foreign decoration projects. Since the 1980s, it has been promoted in the domestic market, commercial (office buildings, shopping malls, airports,), education (schools, libraries, gymnasiums), medicine (pharmaceutical plants, hospitals), factories and other industries are widely used, and have achieved satisfactory results. The amount of use is increasing.
Name:Hot selling High density pvc foam board car pvc flooring

Size: 1220"2440mm or or the other sizes.

Thickness: 3-30mm or to be customized according to

customers requiremen

Material: PVC foam board

Film: PVC film or leatheror to be customized


Have good property of fire retardant, self

Extinguishing, heat insulation, noise absorption,

Shock proof, anti-aging

Steam, water, rust proof, Can resist chemical

Corrosion like acid, alkaline and salt

Good electric insulation character under low

Frequency and pressure condition

Light to carry, Easy and convenient for storage

Transportation and use, Is the most excellent common

Material with high performance


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