PVC Flooring

Auto PVC flooring is widely used, from commercial to civil, from factories to schools, from organs to hospitals, from stadiums to transportation everywhere can see PVC flooring. Even so, it can not be generalized. RYD2024 High-Quality PVC Rubber Flooring For Bus is suitable for many places. We are professional car PVC flooring companies, we provide you with more intimate service. The application of PVC flooring is functional and applicable, and the choice and use of PVC flooring are also based on the different flooring functions. For example, the flooring used in hospital wards must require the flooring to have the basic requirements of anti-bacterial, environmental protection, fire prevention, safety, and sound insulation; for the flooring used in school classrooms, the flooring should consider the wear resistance, pollution resistance, safety, environmental protection, and sound insulation of the flooring.


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