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Bus spare parts hot PVC car floor leather

2019-10-12 13:26:24

Bus spare parts hot PVC car floor leather

PVC floor leather is a PVC car floor leather produced by the company for many years and is also the cornerstone of the development of floor leather. The main raw materials are polyvinyl chloride resin and dioctyl phthalate, light calcium carbonate, high-speed stirring, initial plasticization, plastic extrusion of 80 extruders, polymerization and high temperature through the die. Sheet, three roll embossing, cooling and forming, cutting and winding. This product has been used in the floor and hood of large, medium and small trucks, heavy trucks, light trucks. The product can be set and dispensed according to customer needs, such as pattern, color, size, size, thickness (thickness from 1.0 mm to 4.0 mm, length is not limited).

The characteristics of PVC floor leather: high heat resistance, not afraid of acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, good flame retardancy, vertical burning and horizontal burning meet or exceed national standards, is the national ISO9001 certified product, most users are known as “Good” construction method: PVC car floor leather can be cut into different shapes according to the different shapes of the body during the paving process, and then ground and then welded directly with a plastic welding torch. Forming the same shape as the car body, then applying the PVC resin glue evenly on the surface of the base layer, bonding them together, and integrating with the car body, it is neat, beautiful, durable and durable. The ideal PVC floor leather.

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