Abrasion resistance of automobile PVC floor

Abrasion resistance of automobile PVC floor.Automobile PVC floor wear-resistant layer (compound) thin thickness can not completely determine the floor's wear resistance level, automobile PVC floor wear-resistant layer thickness generally in 0.4mm -- 0.7mm, there are a few thickness of 1.0 -- 1.2mm.The floor of different manufacturer, wear-resisting layer is thin thick different, the wearability of the floor is different also, it is the wear-resisting layer of 0.4mm thick likewise, some floor wear-resisting revolution is 3000 turn, some have 6000 turn;Still have wear-resisting layer thin plastic floor, more wear-resisting than the floor with wear-resisting thick layer.This basically is different manufacturer, the quality on any account of wear-resisting layer decides.The floor that can say wear-resisting layer is worn ability can be good, but not be absolutely.

Automobile PVC floor is produced with PVC material, PVC is polyvinyl chloride, that is, plastic, plastic does not contain formaldehyde.Because PVC compound floor is multilayer structure, the agglutinate of the floor needs certain processing technology and technology, the manufacturer with immature technology USES glue agglutinate more, contained the harmful gas such as formaldehyde to release in such plastic floor.Do not forget to smell a floor to have acerbity odour when buying plastic floor accordingly, usually fall, floor of PVC coil material can have slight odour, this odour is not formaldehyde, the meeting after the shop installs period of time dissipates gradually.


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