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What is the floor material for a bus or bus

2019-09-28 09:44:31

What is the floor material for a bus or bus?

Use a foamed pvc floor, top and bottom with aluminum plate, the upper plate is a pattern aluminum plate, material 3003, H18, light quality, high flatness, good flame retardancy, high flexural strength, compressive strength, peel strength, It has been used in new energy buses to make floors, car partitions, table tops, square cabin cars, and modified cars.


Instead of plastic, the plastic is brittle and cannot be used for flooring. Generally, the chassis of the car is a layer of steel plate of 0.8mm or less, covered with some shock absorbing plates, and covered with a layer of soundproof felt. After leaving the factory, some people like to buy glue to lay the material. The material is plastic.

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