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What is a tractor What is a trailer

2019-08-22 10:29:16

What is a tractor ?What is a trailer

Different traction modes:

In fact, it is very simple, the front part of the driving capacity is called tractor, the rear part of the car without traction driving force is trailer, tractor is towing trailer.And the distinction that hangs completely and half is to undertake distinguishing according to the connection way of tractor and trailer different.

Generally, the whole trailer is connected with the hook and tractor together, and the tractor in front provides the power to pull the whole trailer and the steering direction, and the load is borne by the whole trailer itself.

The semi-trailer is connected with the traction seat of the tractor through the traction pin. The common container transport vehicle is a typical semi-trailer, and the rear loading part is the semi-trailer.

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