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The difference between semi trailer and full trailer

2019-08-22 10:38:47

The difference between semi trailer and full trailer

  1. The full trailer

General trailer is a single pallet or tug-like, by the frame, turntable mechanism and suspension hook composition.The all-trailer can stand upright on its own tires.

  1. Semi-trailer

The semi-trailer cannot stand independently, because the semi-trailer has no front wheel, so it needs an supporting leg to stand.

Different USES:

With the development of China's automobile industry and the popularization of expressway, the safety problems such as the brake swing tail and the poor performance of high-speed straight driving of traditional trailer are gradually discovered.Therefore, our country limits the use of full trailer.At present, full trailer is mainly used for dock, factory, port and other field transportation.

And semi-trailers are probably the most common, the most common semi-trailers are trailers, large container carriers.And because the semi-trailer application is flexible, the bearing capacity is large, is very suitable for long-distance, the high grade highway transportation, so the semi-trailer has become the highway transport vehicle in the most important means of transport.

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