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Our company participated in the international auto parts show in Manila Philippines on July 24 2019

2019-08-22 15:16:19

Our company participated in the international auto parts show in Manila, Philippines on July 24, 2019

Exhibition name: PHILAUTO

Exhibition time: 2019.07

Exhibition venue: Manila, Philippines

Exhibition size: 8000 square meters

Exhibition Criteria:

  1. Automobiles, commercial vehicles, buses, motorcycles;
  2. Auto parts and systems;
  3. Auto parts;
  4. Automotive electronics and entertainment equipment;
  5. Motorcycle parts and accessories;
  6. Car service;
  7. Maintenance equipment, maintenance tools and maintenance supplies;
  8. Gas stations and car washes, industry institutions and publishers.


Philippines' largest auto parts and after-sales service exhibition

Philippine Auto Parts Exhibition PHILAUTO is the largest and most professional international automobile and motorcycle parts, service and maintenance equipment exhibition in the Philippines. It is also a professional exhibition for the technical exchange and emerging product release of the Philippine automobile industry.

Attractive: The Manila Auto Show in the Philippines will bring together exhibitors from China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and even Europe. The exhibition is a professional B2B trade show, and most of the exhibition visitors come from the corporate decision-making level and management.

High degree of internationalization: The market of the auto parts industry in the Philippines has good prospects. The last exhibition attracted more than 200 exhibitors from all over the world. 97.5% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the exhibition, and 84.62% of the exhibitors met or even exceeded the expected results.

Highly innovative: PHILAUTO represents the latest industry trends. All relevant new products and concepts are displayed here. The exhibits are complete and cover most of the products in the auto parts industry, including automobiles, auto parts, electronic equipment, car services, etc., with strong professionalism. At the same time, the exhibition held the two-wheeler exhibition and the truck bus exhibition in the same hall, which greatly increased the attractiveness of the exhibition.




【Market Analysis】:

At present, Toyota is still the best-selling automobile brand in the Philippines, with a market share of 33.7%, followed by Mitsubishi (19.2%), and Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. ranks third (11.1%). Locomotive industry: The Philippine locomotive market has been increasing year by year due to the steady growth of its domestic economy, showing a steady upward trend. At present, the popularity of two-wheeled motorcycles in the Philippines is 30 people, so its market demand will continue to expand in the future. It is expected that the market size will reach 1 million this year. Philippine Motorcycle Division Overview Domestic motorcycles account for about 30%. Last year, the Philippines' economic growth rate reached 6.6%. The Asian Development Bank expects that the Philippine economy will still maintain a high growth rate of 6% this year and next. The growth prospects of the Philippine auto market are generally optimistic.

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