High Quality Bus Accessories Products Passenger Car Bamboo Plywood

high-quality bamboo plywood used for the passenger car


Specification of this high quality bus accessories products passenger car bamboo plywood

The high quality bus accessories products passenger car bamboo plywoodis used for the passenger car. It has the advantages of the fine bamboo rubber board, and it bears more strength. Because of the addition of a layer of reinforcing core bamboo curtain in the middle of the product, it can effectively strengthen its strength. High-strength bamboo board production process features: the use of bamboo mat, thin bamboo curtain structure, no wood chips and other impurities, thus ensuring the consistency of the template water absorption rate, expansion rate, to ensure the unique bonding strength and toughness of bamboo glue board. From the paper glue to the bamboo glue, the phenolic rubber formula of Zhongnanlin College is completely used, and it is never doped to make a fake, and the idea is made on the glue water; the unique waterproof performance of the bamboo glue board is ensured. 3. The new steam cooling and drying equipment is adopted, The post-dip method is produced in such a way that the gluing rate of the raw materials is ensured to ensure durability more than other manufacturers' products.

High-strength bamboo board performance characteristics: the board surface is smooth and smooth. The surface of the bamboo glue template is smooth and smooth. The suction force of the concrete is only 1/12 of the board. It is easy to demould and the surface quality is good. The plastering operation is eliminated, the workload is reduced, the work efficiency is improved, and the construction period is shortened. High strength and good toughness. Bamboo glue formwork has high strength, good toughness, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-insect. The static bending strength is equivalent to 8-10 times of the bending strength of wood, 4-5 times of wood glue board, and can be sawn and nailed. Significantly reduce the number of formwork supports. Good water resistance. The bamboo glue template has good water resistance, boiling water for 120 minutes, soaking in normal temperature water for 96 hours without opening the glue. The strength of boiled and frozen is reduced by 0-20K>2% o. The surface water absorption rate is close to the steel formwork, and it is not easily deformed when exposed to water. The thermal conductivity is small. The bamboo glue template is only 0.14-0.16 watts/meter. It is much smaller than the thermal conductivity of the steel formwork, which is conducive to winter construction insulation. It has many uses and a long life. The bamboo glue template has a large number of turnover cycles and can be used on both sides.


Size: 1220*2440 or be shaped according

to customer's requirements

Thickness: 8-33mm or to be customized

Material: Curtain bamboo, Bamboo mat

Film: Smooth bamboo mat or high quality film


High strength、 rigidity、 flexibility, Its static bendin

strength is more than that of plywoods

Good stability, Could bear all loads during the usage

No tilt, no bending, no local bulge and crack leakage

Can effectively reduce the plywood's use times of hardness

and ensure construction safety.

Good bonding performance, aging resistance and anti acid


Low dry shrinkage, Small discrepancy between the vertical

and horizonal strength, High friction coefficient

Smooth surface, No warping, And no obvious scar repair

Uniform thickness, Have characteristic of resistance to

deformation and anti breaking

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