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Roydom Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., established in 2009 and headquartered in Xiamen, is a comprehensive company incorporating R&D and manufacture with sale and service together. We run two auto-part plants and two furniture plants at present, in a total staff more than 600 people, among which more than half have obtained various professional certificates or qualification of different levels. They are the leading persons in Roydom, who play important roles in R&D, production and sale respectively.

The production and sale of auto parts and vehicle refitting is the nuclear business in Roydom. We have been in cooperation with several renowned companies from the very beginning. Relying on the strong team in R & D, we follow the market tightly to manufacture the market-oriendted products in high cost performance. It has brought great reputation for Roydom in the auto circle.

Another important business of Roydom is Furniture production, though Roydom entered this business only in 2015, through setting up a furniture plant in Sanming city. China is a country with great population mobility. Roydom’s target is to provide good-quality-and-low-price furniture to those people work outside their hometown, to ease their living in departing from their families. We focus our product line on interior furniture made in panels, which are easily packed and easily installed. In 2018, in consideration with the plentiful bamboo resources in Fujian, we develop them into high-end bamboo furniture, which are in traditional Chinese style and more importantly, they are eco-friendly. Roydom wishes to show its confidence in fulfilling its social responsibility.

Roydom is ready to be a group company. During the development in these years, Roydom has become one of the leading companies in auto parts and vehicle refitting, and now has been developing quickly in eco-friendly furniture. We stick to the principle of “Quality First, Reputation First, Client First” all the time. In such a mind of service, we expand the market to Southeastern Asia, Europe, Australia and South America. More and more partners join us now. In the near future, besides strengthening our ability in R&D and management, we are continuing to develop our market worldwide, adhering to the Chinese national “one belt one road” strategy.

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