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Car auto body parts what are the components

2019-07-20 15:54:10

Car auto body parts what are the components.Car auto body parts mainly include engine cover, (white) body body, trunk cover, bumper bracket, fender, front and back doors, top cover, top 1 beam, coaming, side enclosure, etc. Car auto body parts include Windows, doors, cockpit, passenger compartment, engine compartment and baggage compartment, etc.The shape of the body has car, fish, boat, streamline and wedge and other types, the structure of single-car, two-car and three-car and other types.

Car auto body parts Door lock, door hinge, glass elevator, all kinds of seals, window wiper, window washer, sun visor, rearview mirror, handle, cigarette lighter, cigarette ash box, etc.Modern cars are often equipped with radio receivers and pole antennas, and some cars are equipped with radio tongue sets, television sets, or small stoves and refrigerators for heating food.


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