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Introducing the bus spare parts waterproof PVC floor made by the car floor company

2019-09-18 11:18:46

Introducing the bus spare parts waterproof PVC floor made by the car floor company

Under the general car seat is a kind of carpet-like items, the original car is fully paved, and it is difficult to clean up if there is dirt and dirt left on it. If you put a layer of waterproof, easy-to-wash items on it, it is much easier to clean up. This layer of protector is a PVC floor.


It is divided into two types: hand-sewn and molded. The plate type and the hand-made glue are all good, which can effectively prevent dust and dirt from penetrating into the carpet, but the waterproof ability is poor. The molding glue is made by one-time pressing, the middle is seamless, and the leakage prevention is good, but when the interior of the car is bumped, the appearance of the paving is worse. Generally, the glue is made of 3 mm thick rubber products, and the colors are gray, beige, and black. In addition, the level of paving of the rubber is also very important. The paving is not good, the surrounding is easy to curl, the middle is not flat, and the overall feeling is very uncomfortable, so we must choose a good level of glue.

Advanced automotive floor glue has great advantages. First of all, the environmentally friendly seamless molding floor glue is made of high-quality PVC, which is made of special materials for automobile interiors. It is not pungent after exposure to summer sun. The smell. Secondly, the shape of the molding floor glue is accurately measured. The size of the concave and convex is accurate. It is completely hot-pressed by the machine. There is also a layer of moisture-proof sound-proof cotton on the back. Even if the car is soundproofed on the highway, the overall effect is The interior space will be very coordinated. And the beauty is not comparable to the traditional floor glue, it can fully show the luxury and style of the car. In addition, it has strong anti-penetration and anti-corrosion properties, and it is easy for the owner to remove the oil stains and dirt on the surface. Generally, the traditional floor glue is also very time-consuming to install, and the molding floor glue is also very convenient to install. It does not need to be cut and welded, and overcomes the shortcomings of the broken glue and the leakage of the glue in less than one or two years. The installation speed is only 1/3 of the traditional floor glue. And without a drop of 502 glue, the owner won't smell the pungent smell. And more durable than scrapbooking 6-8 years.

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