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Auto parts are not fake

2019-08-15 15:28:16

Auto parts are not fake:A car brand certainly does not make all its own products.Most of the automobile manufacturers, in the automobile non-core parts will be outsourced to other companies, this will inevitably occur what we call original factory parts, auxiliary factory parts, so is the original factory parts produced by the auto manufacturers?In fact, this is not the case. Automobile manufacturers find some suppliers to outsource their products, and these suppliers are certified by the main engine manufacturer. However, the products produced by these suppliers cannot be branded with their own trademarks.For example, supply to Benz, this thing will become the original parts of Benz. If you terminate cooperation with Benz, you will not play the trademark of Benz in production, but you will play your own trademark.Actually the quality is changeless, just did not hit the trademark of the brand to become positive factory piece, the price ratio is original factory piece cheap a big cut, this is the distinction of original factory piece, deputy factory piece.

In fact, although the original factory parts are expensive due to the manufacturer's supervision, the quality is guaranteed.The auxiliary parts are produced by factories of different sizes, with uneven manufacturing technology, but the price is cheap.So I suggest you look like the car three large parts, lights, brakes and other life safety, as far as possible with the original factory, the original factory can ensure quality.Plastic parts, such as bumpers, can be purchased by the auxiliary factory, so it is ok to choose the auxiliary factory as long as the spare parts that do not affect the safety are repaired and you have to pay out of your own pocket. However, the core parts related to safety are still guaranteed by the original factory's spare parts.

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